~guest character~

Season(s): 1, TBD

First Seen: TBD

Last Seen: TBD

Appeared In( Episode Count) : TBD (see below)

Titles: -

Status: Deceased

Age: 18(at time of death)

Birthplace: Akadenna

Residence: Akadenna

Culture: TBD

Relationships & Family:



Toby Tattersall had straight, brown-to-grey hair and very pretty, blue eyes. He was a child of the House Tattersall, but mysteriously died. He will be mentioned throughout the series and he will appear in flashbacks.


Season One appearances
Seven Houses, Seven Places The Prince of Winterflard Life or Death Welcome to Paradise Seven Houses, Seven Problems
Welcome to Hell Children's Fate Killer of His Family Power and Justice Violence and Blood